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WELCOME TO PT DUTA UTAMA SENJAYA ( DUTS) is a trading company and STOCKIST which provides mechanical and electrical spare parts and specializes in supplying them to steel mills, petrochemical factories, power plants, oil and gas industries, sugar refineries, etc.

PT DUTS has been existing and experienced since 1996 in serving the industries throughout Indonesia. Located in Cilegon, a hundred kilometers west of Jakarta, we have been truly committed to our service to build our business relationship with customers.

Mr. Ir. H. Sutopo Raharjo is the founder and Director of the company. He started his career in 1986 by joining a supply company specializing in hardware products of mechanical & electrical parts. Ten years later he established PT DUTS with a mission of giving quick service and growing successfully in business activities with other parties.

Comprising a team which consists of 10 employees, PT DUTS has developed itself and served its customers with reliable and efficient products supplied by globally reputable manufacturers.

The customers which have been using our product are as follows:
> PT. Krakatau Steel
> PT. Krakatau Daya Listrik
> PT. KHI Pipe Industries
> PT. Krakatau Wajatama
> PT. Krakatau Engineering
> PT. Latinusa
> PT. Tenaris/ Seamless Pipe Indonesia Jaya
> PT. Indonesia Power UBP Suralaya
> PT. Chandra Asri
> PT. Tripolyta Indonesia
> PT. Nippon Shokubai Indonesia
> PT. Bluescope Steel Indonesia
> PT. Jawamanis Rafinasi
> PT. Angel Product
> PT. Titan Petrokimia Nusantara
> PT. Petrojaya Plaster Board

We are very pleased to build mutual relationships with a lot of business partners not only in the local areas but also abroad that have a commitment to satisfy our customers, who eventually feel happy with the services of PT. DUTA UTAMA SENJAYA and enable us to be their reliable partner.

For further information and order please contact :
Barkah Pamuji
Pin: 28c8cc4a
Phone : 0254-570530 / 570345
Fax : 0254-570601
Email : barkah@ ; sales@; sutopo2005@

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